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At MSCI, there are a variety of challenges for you to make your own, all of which help our clients to make better investment decisions in a rapidly evolving financial landscape. If you think big and share your bold ideas, we’ll give you all the tools to make them happen. Join us and we can shape the future of the investment industry, together.

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Harness next-generation technologies to drive innovation and help our clients build better portfolios. 

27 Jobs in 7 Locations

Data Operations

Bring clarity to our clients’ investment decisions by collecting, processing and distributing industry-leading data. 

23 Jobs in 6 Locations


Use your eye for actionable insights to help clients identify and manage emerging risks and opportunities. 

18 Jobs in 7 Locations

Sales and Relationship Management

Build and maintain our client relationships, helping to find solutions to their complex needs. 

14 Jobs in 6 Locations


Steward our firm’s capital, maximizing long-term success for our stakeholders through your financial insights. 

8 Jobs in 6 Locations

Legal, Compliance, and Government & Regulatory Affairs

Protect the firm from reputational, legal and regulatory risks, while advancing our business aims and supporting our clients. 

4 Jobs in 3 Locations

Marketing and Communications

Build a strong brand with the potential to influence big decision-makers and enable sales across the business. 

3 Jobs in 1 Locations

Corporate Services

Give your colleagues the environment they need to succeed in a hybrid world, from designing our workplaces to developing sustainability programs. 

3 Jobs in 3 Locations

Human Resources

Source, develop and engage the talent that helps us bring greater confidence to the world’s financial markets.

1 Jobs in 1 Locations


Equip our board with independent evaluations of our operations and support the effective governance that steers our business.

0 Jobs in 0 Locations

Product Management

Design, manage and create products that will help bring greater transparency to the world’s financial markets. 

0 Jobs in 0 Locations

Corporate Strategy

Strategically analyze our competitor, client and market dynamics to help forge our future path.

0 Jobs in 0 Locations

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MSCI launches MSCI Sustainability Institute

Introducing the MSCI Sustainability Institute, a new initiative designed to drive progress by capital markets to create sustainable value. 

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Ashley Lester: Don’t Call it a Comeback

Ashley Lester, global head of research talks about why he chose to return to the company now, the challenges and opportunities facing the investment industry and a unique take on risk management, ESG and climate and AI and technology.

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MSCI expands partnership with Google Cloud

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our partnership with Google Cloud to accelerate the development of generative AI solutions for the investment industry. 

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