Shape the products that create change

How would it feel to know the products you’re launching are shaping the world’s financial markets?

When you join MSCI’s Product Management team, you’ll be bringing greater transparency to complex financial markets and powering better investment decisions with the products that you design, manage, and bring to market. This is your chance to make a mark – to bring your ideas to life in a company that is determined to lead the industry by example. 

Be a visionary

We are solution seekers – innovators and executors, the people that make things happen. And we need you to help us set new standards for ourselves and our clients. With us, you’ll skillfully navigate industry changes and identify cutting-edge opportunities that drive new products and insightful improvements throughout the product lifecycle.

Partner with passionate teams

We’re part of a supportive and talented network of teams, all dedicated to anticipating and responding to our client needs. As a Product Manager, you’ll partner with colleagues in Research, Technology, and Sales, across each of our key solutions, learning from each other’s diverse expertise to deliver an integrated product strategy for our clients. 

Grow your career

If you’re an analytical thinker and dedicated problem-solver with an entrepreneurial desire to create something new, you’ll thrive here. You’ll set new standards for our clients and for yourself by tackling a variety of challenges in an environment that gives you all the support, tools, and encouragement you need to succeed. 

Quotes from Miguel Castillo, Peter Chan, Jorge Mina, Ivonne Deschamps, Eduardo Dibildox, Ben Garland

Miguel Castillo – Product Management

I believe that what I contribute to goes further than MSCI, and further than my own career.

Miguel Castillo | Product Management
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Peter Chan – Product Management

Peter, now Executive Director in Analytics, once left MSCI for a short time. When he returned to our firm, there was a big difference he couldn’t help but notice.

Peter Chan | Product Management
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Jorge Mina – Product Management

If you talk to our employees, they feel a big difference, even from two years ago. The culture has changed across the organisation and it is constantly evolving.

Jorge Mina | Product Management
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Ivonne Deschamps – Product Management

I've been with MSCI for 10 plus years, and that's a testament to the company's commitment to nurturing talent and fostering growth.

Ivonne Deschamps | Product Management
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Eduardo Dibildox – Product Management

I enjoyed my first experience at MSCI, and I was happy to come back. A pleasant surprise was the significant growth of the Monterrey team. It underscored the growing importance of our Monterrey office and the firm’s commitment to it.

Eduardo Dibildox | Product Management
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Ben Garland – Product Management

We spend a large portion of our bandwidth engaging directly with clients to better understand their challenges, priorities and anticipate how MSCI can solve their problems, and ultimately make their lives easier.

Ben Garland | Product Management
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Our people

Want to hear more about what it’s like to be part of the team? Explore the stories below to get to know our bright, curious, and passionate people. 

Miguel Castillo - MSCI Employee -  Product Management - ESG

Miguel Castillo

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Peter Chan - MSCI Employee - Product management - Analytics

Peter Chan

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Jorge Mina - MSCI Employee - Product Management - Analytics

Jorge Mina

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