Ivonne’s career at MSCI began in 2013 in Monterrey, Mexico where she started as an Analyst in the production team for HedgePlatform as part of MSCI’s Analytics business. Fast forward to 2023, and Ivonne relocated to New York, taking a new role within MSCI as of Commercial Product Manager in Analytics. In this role she serves as a bridge between Product Development and Client Coverage, ensuring seamless support for Analytics clients in the Americas. 

Once you’ve started to master your current role, it’s a perfect time to look for different experiences. You’re going to feel more satisfied and make greater contributions when you’re doing something that challenges you every day.” 

"My relocation to New York was driven by the essential need to be closer to our Coverage team, enhancing daily interactions and productivity."

Supportive managers make a difference
It was one of Ivonne's first managers, who became a mentor, that suggested the role in the Analytics product team. They believed Ivonne would be a great match for the profile and thrive in the role. As Ivonne learned more about the role she became convinced that it would challenge her and push her beyond her comfort zone. Once she expressed her interest, the hiring manager reached out to Ivonne’s former manager and initiated the interview process. 

I had a great relationship with my former manager, and he was extremely supportive of my new opportunity. He coached me and gave me feedback throughout the process.”

Navigating the transition
Transitioning to a new team within MSCI can feel both familiar and different. It's an exciting journey that allows for continued professional development within a supportive environment. Building new relationships and acquiring new technical knowledge is part of the process, but the advantage of transitioning within MSCI lies in understanding the firm's unique culture.

MSCI has a very unique culture. We have a certain way of doing things. We’re collaborative and open to working with others.”

Future growth and opportunities
Looking ahead, Ivonne envisions more growth opportunities in her current role. The dynamic nature of the business, coupled with evolving market trends, ensures a continuous learning curve and a variety of challenges to embrace. She appreciates the ongoing learning experiences and diverse challenges offered by her current role and the firm as a whole.

"I've been with MSCI for 10 plus years, and that's a testament to the company's commitment to nurturing talent and fostering growth."

Advice on Internal Mobility
For those contemplating internal mobility, Ivonne offers valuable advice:

If you’re considering a move, proactively look for opportunities that align with your skills and interests. Don’t be intimidated by different roles, embrace the challenge. Be self-aware of what you can bring to the table and what you want to develop.” 

"Internal mobility at MSCI is a fantastic opportunity to challenge yourself, learn new skills, and continue growing in your career."

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