The way we work: Collaboration

Unlocking our collective potential 

At MSCI collaboration is at the heart of how we work. We believe we can achieve more when we combine our strengths as ‘One MSCI’. By connecting and working together with colleagues across teams, functions and locations, we can create more opportunities for career growth and more value for our clients.  

You’re bigger than just your position or function. Everyone is included in the bigger picture; everyone feels like they’re on the same ship. I constantly see that the people in my team are genuinely satisfied with how the products they design help our clients and that’s very motivating.” Miguel Castillo, Product Management 

"I enjoy the dynamic nature of the role, working with different teams internally to provide the best possible support to our clients. The ultimate goal of my team is to ensure clients have a smooth experience and receive accurate information regarding MSCI's ESG and Climate solutions.” Mariana Gauna, Sales & Relationship Management 


The Future of Work 

The way we work, interact and collaborate is always being adapted and improved. We approach the Future of Work at MSCI with curiosity and continue to evolve how we connect with one another to bring us closer to each other and our clients.  

MSCI has a real commitment to investing in people and making sure they can grow to the best of their potential. You’re encouraged to break out of silos, and that flexibility has allowed me to grow into new roles and build a career that suits my strengths.Cyrus Lotfipour, Research 


Embracing different perspectives 

Creating an inclusive culture and working together effectively means embracing different perspectives. Here, people feel empowered to voice their ideas, knowing that diverse thinking is key to finding the best solutions.  

Belonging to a global company is a huge plus for me. Being exposed to diverse cultures means that I collaborate with people who think and see things differently. And this is the future – the world of work is becoming more and more globalized, but we’re already living it.” Andrew Schoewe, Technology 

It’s about brainstorming ideas and being open! Sometimes, others agree with your viewpoint, and sometimes you have to take a step back and learn from someone else.” Rahul Kulkarni, Technology  


Learning from the team around you 

When you work at MSCI, you’re surrounded and supported by a network of bright, curious and passionate individuals. We are a team of experts who continuously learn from each other, take smart risks and challenge ourselves to perform beyond expectations. Together we are not just a group of employees: we are a collective force. 

The team is brilliant, we have a very collaborative environment, and it is really fun to work with everyone. Through working with our talented software engineers, I’ve even been able to learn a lot about coding!Helen Droz, Research,   

Teaching and supporting people is so important to me. It’s about making them self-sufficient. I’m always talking to people and helping them develop new skills and solve problems. Everyone I know here is willing to teach others and support them on their journey.Nelson Villareal, Technology 

We hire a lot of really smart people, and that level of intellectual engagement encourages us all to grow – there are lots of bright people and a different level of stimulation.” Peter Chan, Analytics