Nelson has seen it all. He’s worn many hats. From Tech Support and System Administrator to Procurement and SaaS, he’s been there. He’s even worked in the U.S. and Mexico. Despite that, there’s a common thread that runs through it all: global support. To this day, Nelson tells all MSCI users that he’s always here for them. Working with new Mac architecture and supporting the global end-user environment, he loves helping his colleagues.

“Global support means that we’re all connected – 24-hour coverage. Whether it’s a Teams message or a phone call, I spend a lot of my time troubleshooting O365 Products and Windows platform and helping our teams perform to their highest ability. And that’s the same with our management here – call and they’ll pick up. That just doesn’t happen at other companies, and it’s so valuable.”

What else sets MSCI apart? Support and collaboration. Nelson explains the variety of support means that colleagues always have somewhere to turn when they’re looking for a second opinion. The internal ‘quick help’ pages are great for those technical questions and troubleshooting procedures that only need a light touch. But it’s not just online support; before the pandemic, the Monterrey campus had several screens where Nelson would present lessons and advice. This kind of collaborative learning keeps people inspired and ensures that nobody is ever stuck in the same routine.

“Teaching and supporting people is so important to me. It’s about making them self-sufficient. Of course, there are some stereotypes about IT people, like how we don’t reach out to people. But you just need to meet me – I’m always talking to people and helping them develop new skills and solve problems. Everyone I know here is willing to teach others and support them on their journey.”

At MSCI, people see challenges as opportunities. Nelson says that his colleagues are always looking for new ground to explore. And this attitude doesn’t go unnoticed: people get job offers from other companies. If they do leave, they tend to return in a matter of months. Because when you’re surrounded by likeminded individuals, all working with the same curiosity and determination, that feeling is hard to replicate elsewhere.

“Sometimes I tell my team that we are like doctors: we have to be ready for anything, and we have to stay positive. We all have different skills, which means that when we’re together, we’re like a machine. When we get an issue, you know it’s serious – we’re the last resort before asking outside experts. So, we have that special combination – the curiosity to keep learning, the skills to solve the problem, and the mindset to calmly understand what help they need.”

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