Eva Szadeczky-Kardoss - MSCI Employee - Technology - Climate

Eva Szadeczky-Kardoss

Zurich, Technology, Climate Investing, Climate Investing & ESG Investing

Before becoming a Senior Associate in our ESG Technology department, Eva initially started her career in climate as a Software Engineer at Carbon Delta – a start-up that was acquired by MSCI in 2019.

It was very interesting to live through the acquisition – transferring from a small start-up to an international company with thousands of employees. Working for a finance company instead of a software company was very different to what I was used to – I had never even worked for a big company before. But more importantly, I had never worked on a product that was so challenging, innovative and important.”

Now, Eva loves the flexibility her role offers – her day-to-day activities vary regularly depending on what is needed by the team, and most importantly, what she would prefer to work on.

Of course, there are planned projects and deadlines that frame your team’s tasks, but inside that, you have the chance to volunteer for the projects that most interest you. This means that, aside from implementing new features to our main product, I’ve also had the opportunity to help out with IT infrastructure tasks and to implement my own stand-alone software that migrates our data from one platform to another.

The main product Eva works on is an internal web application written in the Django web framework, but her team develops and contributes to quite a few other applications inside the MSCI ecosystem. Recently, she also started to implement some more client-facing Voilà dashboards.

Our server instances and their Celery queues both run on Azure in a Kubernetes cluster, and we use Azure pipelines for continuous integration too. For local development, we use a customized Linux virtual machine running on our Windows laptops. And I’m proud of how well our infrastructure and development environment has been set up by our DevOps team.

From the beginning, Eva has been very happy with how her team is put together, and how it’s evolved through the hiring of great new talent.

The manager/ direct report dynamics have always been very open for me here. I have weekly check-ins with my manager and the communication is brilliant – they are always ready to listen to feedback and make a change. Given that women are typically underrepresented in IT, I also love it when I get the chance to work with other women in my field. I was fortunate that one of my managers was a woman and a great role model for me in my career.”

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