Dorottya’s passion for global inclusivity played a crucial part in her promotion as the first person working in a sales role from within the Budapest office. She tells us why companies must embrace inclusion on a global scale.

Dorottya is responsible for new business development as part of MSCI’s ESG Client Coverage Team, working with corporate issuers across the EMEA region. Not only has she been with MSCI for over ten years, but Dorottya has also been involved in the Women’s Leadership Forum (WLF) in Budapest since its founding.

“No matter how good you are at your job, in order to succeed and advance in your career, you need visibility. That’s where grassroots groups, organized and run by members of MSCI from all over the world come in. The Women’s Leadership Forum plays a key part in strengthening and promoting MSCI’s culture of inclusion and diversity, and helps create the conditions by which female empowerment, inclusion and innovation can flourish at MSCI globally.”

Dorottya believes that the financial industry needs a wider inclusion agenda, with functional teams and people working together regardless of their locations. Fully embracing all the synergies that a truly global business might offer can be a challenging transition for companies to make. There may be barriers of geographical distance, time zones, virtual relationships and language, but Dorottya’s story is proof that with access to resources, communication channels and opportunities, it is achievable. And, most importantly, beneficial both for the business as well as the workforce that powers its continued success.

“I read an article about D&I which suggested that inclusion can be measured by how people have access to information. I think that MSCI is doing a really good job in communicating transparently and encouraging people from the entire organization to speak up. It is very empowering to see that no matter how big we get, we all have a voice.”

So, what’s next? How can MSCI and other companies in the financial industry enhance their inclusivity even further? Dorottya thinks that creating better allyship and outgroup participation is important not only to achieve global inclusivity, but intersectional inclusivity too.

“When minority groups only reach out to their own communities, it’s difficult to make an impact. There has to be outgroup participation. In the WLF I try to create events where men are invited and feel welcome because it’s important we get their support too. When I send invites, there’s a confusion around “Why am I being invited to a Women’s forum?”. But we need to build allyships. And the same approach goes for global inclusivity; we need to build global initiatives that are open to all. Everyone should have an equal chance no matter where they are located, because it’s their talent that matters.”

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