Graciela’s journey at MSCI began as an internship in Client Service Support. At the end of her internship, she seized an opportunity to work in Equity Analytics, updating and verifying the multi-risk model inputs and outputs before delivery to the clients. She spent four and half years working in this area before leaving MSCI for new experiences. In retrospect, she realized there were more opportunities to build her career at MSCI than she previously thought. After her time away she realized the unique environment and opportunities she had at MSCI and planned her return to MSCI.

I left MSCI because I wanted to live new experiences and I thought a new role would provide me with the opportunity to grow professionally. However, I soon realized that I missed the challenge and dynamism of MSCI and the connection with my managers and colleagues.

Exploring internal opportunities

Reflecting on her experience, Graciela realised she could have explored her professional growth aspirations internally by looking at the opportunities available within MSCI. Her advice to others would be to check the opportunities inside MSCI and to connect with different teams to understand what skills and capabilities they are looking for.

Sometimes people are a bit hesitant about telling their managers that they are ready for a new challenge. But there are many opportunities inside MSCI, and your manager can help support and guide you.

Graciela returned to MSCI and rejoined her team as a Senior Associate. Later, Graciela took the opportunity to join the Index Production team, exploring another interesting challenge and an area for growth.

It was a big challenge as I had to learn new things. My responsibilities increased compared to previous role, but I saw it as an opportunity for growth.”

Working together to ensure a seamless client experience

Graciela’s current role in Client Request Management for Index Production involves anticipating and mitigating potential issues to ensure a seamless client experience. She works closely with Research, Client Coverage and different Technology teams to create solutions that enhance the quality of our Indexes. She values the collaborative nature of her roles, which enables her to learn from others and the opportunity to be part of the Women in Tech ‘EmpowHER' mentorship program.

MSCI's very dynamic. There’s always something new to learn. Working with a lot of talented people and continuous learning keeps me curious and motivated.”


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