Joe has a long history of working with data for various ESG products and services. He first joined a fledgling ESG data management team in Manila in 2006 and has been working at MSCI since 2010. During this time, he has had the opportunity to broaden his knowledge and skills through working on an array of challenging projects.

Over the last decade, I’ve contributed to a variety of ESG products and services and managed several teams. The training and support my managers provided me throughout the years has enabled me to become a better ESG professional and team leader.

Currently Joe is the leader of the Business Involvement Screening Research (BISR) team and content owner of the EU Sustainable Finance (EU SusFi) dataset.

In his role Joe leads and manages the team that oversees the content for these products and services, answers client queries and provides recommendations on how to enhance the methodology used in these products and services. As a team manager, he looks after his team and ensures that they are able to perform to their full potential, service level agreements are met, and that they are guided in dealing with any issues that may arise.

“My managers have always been very supportive of my personal and professional development. They ensured that I received both company-led and non-company-led training, especially in the areas of ESG and leadership. So, it is important for me to carry on that culture.”

Joe and his team have helped to launch a variety of new products over the years, and these times have always been both exciting and challenging for them. The months preceding were always full of both anxiety and a sense of accomplishment when they delivered. Joe strives to provide the right support for the team, so they can deliver on their work.

“Ours is a culture that celebrates performance. We look at individual contributions and hold each employee accountable while supporting them to achieve their goals. I always enjoy seeing my team grow and develop themselves and their careers.”

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