“I am empowered to choose the technologies we use and build the solution up from scratch.”

Bhasha has always loved the challenge of designing the IT architecture for new products: tackling client problem statements, deciding on the best approach, and then bringing it to life. 

“I set the structure on an architectural level so that our developers can write the code. I love this – I really enjoy designing flexible systems that are easy for others to build on and integrate with.” 

As an Executive Director in Global Technology for our Index business, Bhasha has been able to own the whole development lifecycle, from requirements to delivery. 

“MSCI is a very different environment, and I really value its approach to technology. The role is challenging, but it’s a great learning experience for me because I am trusted to decide what I think is right and which technologies I want to work with.” 

Currently, Bhasha is developing and designing solutions to enhance the client experience.  

“For every small requirement – any new matrix or added filtering – we must make sure that we understand the client perspective and that the technology is working exactly as intended from a Research perspective.” 

In the future, Bhasha would also like to use what she’s learned in her natural language processing (NLP) PhD to further elevate MSCI’s Index solutions. 

“I’m working on POCs (proofs of concept) that are exploring how we can integrate the latest AI technologies and services.  

This passion for taking on new challenges and working with evolving technologies is what has helped Bhasha the most in her path to becoming an executive director. 

“There’s a trend in the industry that women tend to drop out before reaching the management levels, often to prioritize family. But I decided that I wasn’t going to compromise because of my family responsibilities. I love this work, I love the challenge, and I won’t compromise on my career ambitions.” 

Bhasha hopes to inspire other women to follow in her footsteps, too, through her work with our Women in Tech community. 

“I’m there to help other women work out how to take their aspirations forward. While leaving for a less-demanding job can sometimes seem like the easiest solution, there are other options, and we’ll find solutions together.” 

Above all, her advice to anyone looking to further their career in technology is to not be shy about putting yourself out there and facing new challenges. 

“Technology is constantly changing, and you have to learn every day. The best way to succeed is to bring your energy, to have a proactive learning attitude, and to understand that there’s always a fix or solution. Every problem is solvable.” 

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