At the frontier of automation, Andrew creates the tools that help MSCI engineers to build their application in automated way. Automation enhances MSCI’s work by slashing response times and maximising the speed of delivery when it comes to new situations. In short, Andrew is transforming our tech, directly increasing their value. Over his 11-year tenure at MSCI, Andrew’s role has evolved from an individual code contributor to managing a team of 15, spread across Mumbai, Budapest, Pune, London and Berkeley.

“Belonging to a global company is a huge plus for me. Being exposed to diverse cultures means that I collaborate with people who think and see things differently. And this is the future – the world of work is becoming more and more globalised, but we’re already living it.”

A huge part of Andrew’s work on DevOps uses cloud-based technology. As part of MSCI’s ongoing cloud transformation, Andrew is ensuring that every tool his team develops is fully integrated with the cloud, creating value for clients across every region. As a forward-looking transformation, the cloud initiative provides fantastic opportunities for Andrew’s team.

“I think our transformation would excite absolutely anyone working in data and technology by putting the power at their fingertips. In that context, my team’s work is at the centre of the business, and we have a great road map for empowering our engineers with the newest and best tech. All of these changes have happened in the last two years, which is why it’s been the most exciting time of my entire career so far.”

Here, technology isn’t a cost centre – it’s an enabler. By experimenting with new tech, trialling it and adopting it when it delivers results, the team solves complex problems and creates stable solutions for clients. Andrew says that’s why the firm attracts naturally curious, bright people.

“We place a real emphasis on educating teams on new modes of operating. There isn’t ‘one’ way of doing things here, which means that we have a lot of autonomy here. Instead of a culture where something only gets done when there’s a ticket, we just get on with it. We give our people the tools and trust that they know what’s best. The approach is: let’s give you the tools and get out of the way so you can do your best work.”

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