Jorge Mina, Global Head of Analytics, Member of the Executive Committee, and Chair of the MSCI Executive Diversity Council, talks about the need to share perspectives globally to make progress and inspire a truly inclusive culture.

Born and raised in Mexico, Jorge came to the US as a graduate student and was relieved to find huge opportunities were open to him. After graduating, Jorge joined the RiskMetrics team at JPMorgan, where he was hired as a researcher. Despite cultural and linguistic differences, Jorge never felt at a disadvantage.

“I was aware that I wasn’t the majority, but it never bothered me or appeared to be an obstacle.”

Until only recently, the notion that people might not find their career journey so easy was foreign to Jorge. As the Chair of the Executive Diversity Council (EDC) his eyes have been opened to the struggles of minority groups. There is an ever-widening gap between how society views diversity issues today, but there is always more room for awareness and education.

“Do you avoid discrimination just because you are out of sight, out of mind? There needs to be better communication and ways to reach out and engage with all groups.“

MSCI is a global company so by its very nature, it is home to a diverse range of individuals. But D&I means more than this. It has to run through the culture of an organisation, it has to be championed throughout the business. The onus is not just on employers or managers either. It is for employees to step up, speak out and educate each other on the issues that are important to them, so they can be brought into the light and overcome, together. For Jorge, diversity is the opportunity to bring together a pool of talent and ideas and embrace people from different backgrounds and different perspectives to make the business stronger.

“If you talk to our employees, they feel a big difference, even from two years ago. The culture has changed across the organisation and it is constantly evolving.”

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