Sustainability and Climate Trends to Watch 2024

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It is fair to say that the sustainable investment industry is in a period of transition. Despite recent challenges to ESG’s credibility and a great deal of discussion around terminology and labels, the investment risks and opportunities arising from climate change, societal shifts, and technology advancements are here to stay.

As you dive into the report, you’ll find questions and thoughtful analyses from our global research team. We’re especially pleased to include contributions from our newest colleagues in Private Capital Solutions and Carbon Markets.


Key themes covered in the 2024 list of Sustainability and Climate Trends: 

  • How extreme weather will hit work and home life harder, with substantial productivity losses for the likes of agriculture, construction and transport companies facing increased global heat. 
  • Why artificial intelligence integration is a raising cybersecurity and corporate governance concern, as 54% of AI application developers do not show best practice around privacy rights for users, and 77% do not for privacy integration into product design. 
  • How companies are using the “small print” to reduce their reported emissions, with firms shifting the named source of emissions to joint ventures, subsidiaries and investments. 
  • Private equity and credit assets showing a lower carbon emissions intensity than their listed sector peers – but transition risks are still key considerations. 
  • The strong growth of investment in nature opportunities, revealing that 2,100 nature-based carbon credits projects are in development, adding to the 850 already active by June 2023. 


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