MSCI launches MSCI ONE in Partnership with Microsoft

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We are excited to announce the recent launch of MSCI ONE, an open architecture technology platform built on Microsoft Azure that offers global institutional investors an integrated experience to access content across MSCI’s portfolio of products and solutions.

MSCI ONE delivers next-generation capabilities in quantitative investment analytics through a modern, web-based experience that combines flexible distribution, cloud delivery, dashboards, and visualizations. Through this integrated platform, users can seamlessly navigate MSCI’s robust analytics to help them quickly identify key insights, innovate rapidly, gain a broad view of investment risks and opportunities, and build investment portfolios that seek to deliver better strategic outcomes.

Henry Fernandez, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at MSCI, said: “Today’s investors must synthesize an enormous amount of data to achieve maximum value and power their investment decisions. With MSCI ONE, they will have easy access to a wide range of MSCI tools and solutions, which can help them turn data into insight. This platform represents MSCI’s broader commitment to improving the client experience through transformational technology.”

At launch, MSCI ONE will act as a single point of access for a dozen MSCI services, including MSCI Risk Insights, Climate Solutions (including Climate Lab), and Institutional Client-Designed Indexes with Index Insights. The platform will also host MSCI’s Developer Community and Data Explorer, launched earlier this year. Over time, MSCI ONE will incorporate many more of MSCI’s tools and solutions in a single user experience.

Built on Microsoft Azure, MSCI ONE leverages Microsoft Power BI for live dashboards, interactive reports, charts, graphs, and other visualizations, as well as Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Data Lake for providing insights and data at scale by leveraging key capabilities for data integration, data warehousing, and big data analytics, enabling a seamless and modern experience for MSCI’s clients.

Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President, Cloud + AI at Microsoft, said: “Microsoft and MSCI share a deep commitment to accelerating innovation. Partnering with Microsoft, MSCI is leveraging cutting-edge innovations in cloud, natural language processing, data distribution and warehousing, and the end-to-end user experience. Whether investors need MSCI’s analytical models, APIs, or user applications, the experiences delivered on MSCI ONE, built on Azure, empower them to choose their approach through an open architecture across MSCI’s portfolio of content and solutions.”

Jigar Thakkar, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Engineering at MSCI, said: “Since the launch of Investment Solutions as a Service in 2021, we have partnered with Microsoft to deliver 10 transformative solutions, culminating in this unique integrated platform MSCI ONE, which will grow to include many of MSCI’s tools and solutions. We have rapidly accelerated the pace of innovation to serve demand for an efficient, open architecture technology platform that allows investors to solve challenges through a customized experience.”