MSCI introduces Google Cloud learning offering for employees

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Recently MSCI has entered a strategic alliance with Google Cloud to build a cloud-native financial data acquisition and development platform, aimed at delivering data, insights and solutions to power better and faster investment decision making.

Google Cloud’s artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies aim to help MSCI acquire, ingest, and process structured and unstructured data at scale and more quickly than ever before. By having consistent data, we can more easily innovate our suite of solutions more quickly. Click here to read the full press release on the partnership.

This new strategic partnership also brings an opportunity for our employees to develop and upskill. As the engineers at MSCI will need to acquire new skills to tackle new challenges, we are providing them with Google Cloud learning resources and sponsorship for the Google Cloud Associate Engineer and professional level examinations. The learning materials, developed by Google, are accessible for our engineers through our partner Coursera, and integrated through LinkedIn Learning within our own Learning@MSCI platform.

“The investment industry is experiencing an exponential growth in data. In today’s fast-moving world, the ability to analyze new and alternative sources of data is required by investors to remain competitive and informed, assess evolving investment challenges and opportunities, separate the noise, and improve operational efficiencies,” Henry Fernandez, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MSCI.