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ESG Controversies Research Associate (Mandarin Specialist) - Makati City,

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Position Overview:

The team covers 9,500 equities, and spans environmental, governance and social issues including, but not limited to, human rights, labor rights, the environment and anti-corruption, executive and board issues. The Associate will be responsible for searching, processing, analyzing and synthesizing, large quantities of information into meaningful data, analysis, and ratings for clients.

Scope of Responsibility:

·       Covering assigned markets and/or industries as determined by experience, qualification and/or language expertise. 

·       Developing new ratings guidance and improving the research methodology.

·       Searching for, procuring, and processing information about global companies on an as needed basis using multiple methods, techniques and sources.

·       Working with many different types of information sources (i.e. lengthy annual reports, websites, quantitative data feeds, web crawlers), types of information (i.e. quantitative data, key performance indicators, prose narratives), topics or subject matters (i.e. traditional financial risk, corporate governance, and sustainability)  and types of analysis (i.e. rules-based, subjective analysis, written summaries).

·       Working with a global team based in Asia and the US. Providing time zone coverage for client queries and business needs.

·       Ensuring high quality standards.

Specific Knowledge & Skills:

·       Excellent English and Mandarin comprehension, writing and communication skills.

·       Fast learner, able to master new concepts, theories, ideas and processes with ease.

·       Strong analytical ability and are able to apply logic to solve problems.

·       Very proficient with technology and are able to learn new applications on their own with ease. Experience in web-based searching, Excel 2007, data management and data mining preferred.

·       Intrinsically motivated to improve their own performance and constantly consider ways to improve workflow processes.

·       Strong attention to detail. Strong organizational skills and ability to prioritize multiple tasks.

·       Ability to work under tight deadlines.

·       Ability to work in a global team; a strong team player.

Desired Experience:

·     Relevant ESG experience and a strong background in research analysis and writing. Prior experience leading a team is an advantage.

Desired Qualifications:

         ·      Minimum Bachelor's Degree. Master's Degree Preferred.

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Manila, Philippines
Full Time
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